Project Management

Project Management

Our starting point when supporting significant change is to help companies explore future business goals. What is the business trying to achieve as a result of this change? When the people have transferred through TUPE transfer what will the new service look like? How will this change impact on the wider business? What are the interdependencies that need to be considered? What impact will this change have on the existing culture? Once future business goals have been established, we can create the steps needed to make the change happen which supports individuals through a successful transition.

At James HR Consultancy we offer a number of change project-based management services:

  • Restructure Management Programme

  • Redundancy Management Programme

  • TUPE Transfers

Restructure Management Programme  

There are times when businesses need to consider reviewing their current people structure. This may be due to a period of rapid growth or business products or services are changing due to other external factors such as technological advancement and automation. James HR Consultancy can help you to assess your current people structure and assist you in exploring how the structure can be adapted or changed to meet future business requirements.  Our restructure management programme explores: 

  • The people impacted by change
  • Provides options and recommendations that support future business objectives
  • Consultation and implementation support
  • Letters/policies/documentation and follow up to support the change

Redundancy Management Programme

The hardest decision any business has to make is when it’s faced with redundancies.  This should nevertheless be the last resort when faced with reducing costs within the business.  James HR Consultancy can help you to assess your workforce and assist you in looking at alternatives such as review the way the current work is carried out through a restructure. 

If there are no alternatives than to make redundancies within the business, we can support you through our redundancy management programme.  This includes:

  • Identifying genuine redundancies
  • Providing the right selection/assessment process
  • The consultation process with employees and unions (if applicable)
  • Letters and redundancy costs in line with statutory payments and company policies
  • Outplacement services for affected employees (CV writing and interview skills)

TUPE Transfers

Whilst for many TUPE can often be seen as a complex area, at James HR Consultancy we see TUPE as simply a process to enable people to transfer from one organisation to another.  We can support, manage and lead the small and large scale TUPE transfers and we are specialists in public to private sector transfers.

Specifically we can:

Provide advice and support on outsourcing bids, scoping of service offer, contracting, due diligence, communication, consultation and relationship management with clients, trade unions and employee representatives.

  • Provide advice and support on public to private sector transfers where TUPE takes place from a Local Authority/Council to a private organisation.
  • Manage the holistic TUPE process from pre contract right through to mobilisation.

We can work with existing HR teams to provide extra support, advice and resource or can work alone.  We recognise that there are lots of variables when a TUPE transfer takes place and our service is designed to be adapted and flexible to suit the situation. 

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