Coaching and Mentoring

The term ’coaching’ is regularly used in business as a tool to help improve an individual’’ performance level.  Normally the conversation goes along the lines of “You’re not performing to the level that I was expecting, so we will put some coaching in place to help you get there.”  Now the individual in question may not agree with this statement but “goes along with it.”  Quite often as a result of this intervention, the individual’s performance does not improve, so the question should then be asked – did coaching work?

In fact, in this example, coaching wasn’t the intervention, mentoring and training was what actually took place.  The phrase “coaching” can soften the message and can be confused with mentoring.   So when is coaching most effective? It can provide insight to an individual as it requires them to focus and reflect on their own barriers, concerns, goals and through coaching enables them to come up with their own solutions to develop themselves in order to reach their goals or improve performance levels. 

When should it be used?

It works really well for leaders who want to challenge their own thinking and stretch themselves, as well as those individuals who wish to develop their career aspirations or sharpen their performance levels.  The key ingredient to coaching is that it should not be forced as an intervention, instead the individual should want to change the status quo. 

External or Internal coach?

Why bother with an external coach?  Having an external coach can bring many benefits to the both the organisation and individual.  First and foremost the coach will not get embroiled with any internal politics or have a set view over an individual’s performance levels.  The coach can remain neutral and bring a different perspective to situations.  The coach can also provide a confidential outlet to the individual and an opportunity to challenge status quo.  Finally, there is a clear boundary to the role of an external coach.  Internal coaches may find themselves ‘slipping’ into a mentoring role and giving advice and suggestions or struggling to differentiate between their day job and their coaching role.

Why choose James HR Consultancy?

We challenge status quo, we’re great listeners and passionate about driving excellence through personal performance.  We also help to bring out the “elephant in the room,” we don’t shy away from difficult situations, in fact we encourage individuals to face them! We have expectations too and that is for individuals to take time to think, reflect, challenge themselves and commit to agreed actions.

We offer a range of coaching and mentoring services, specifically:

    • Leadership – for individuals who wish to stretch themselves, challenge their thinking and sharpen their leadership skills.
    • Career – for individuals who want to explore the next step in their career, stretch their thinking and make their dreams a reality.
    • Performancefor individuals who need to raise their performance levels in their current role, or are taking on a new role and require some stretch and development to perform to perfection.


We also offer bespoke coaching workshops “Managing Employee Potential” which explores coaching techniques, practical tips and tools to coach employees within the workplace. 

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