Cancer Employment Advice Service

Cancer Employment Advice Service

By 2020 one in two people will get cancer at some point in their lives (Source: Macmillan).  There are 560,000 people in the UK currently working with cancer (Source: Working with Cancer).  James HR Consultancy have first-hand experience of the impact of cancer on day-to-day life and work. 

During 2015 Deborah James was diagnosed with bowel cancer.  This was unexpected and turned her life upside-down.  After careful thought she created a Cancer Employment Advice Service designed to support businesses, cancer patients and those impacted or affected by cancer within the workplace.  

The Cancer Employment Advice Service offers the following:

Cancer at Work Consultancy

Cancer often brings complexity particularly with regard to managing an employee’s attendance, wellbeing and engagement.  James HR provides pragmatic employment advice supporting both managers and individuals through an extremely difficult and sensitive situation.

Strategic Policy Development

James HR can review your existing policies and help you to create a cancer framework which takes a holistic approach to cancer at workThis framework can support individuals impacted by cancer as well as outline responsibilities of both employers and employees. 


Knowing what to say and how to deal with all the work related issues cancer brings can be challenging for both managers and employees.  James HR designs practical training workshops bespoke to your Managers and people’s needs. 

Workshops aimed at Managers focus on gaining insight, understanding and the legal responsibilities to managing cancer at work.  Workshops for employees directly impacted by cancer focus on support, advice and deal with some the personal challenges they may be facing.

What are the benefits of the Cancer Employment Advice Service to your business?

The Cancer Employment Advice Service compliments existing health and wellbeing programmes.  Supporting your employee during one of the most difficult time in their lives can increase their engagement at work.  Having a cancer framework in place also demonstrates transparency and can be attractive to both existing employees and potential employees looking to work for an employer of choice.

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