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Deborah James

Deborah James is a human resource (HR) expert who specialises in the field of transformational change, TUPE and employee engagement.

Thoughts, are they hindering your success?

Our thoughts help us achieve what we want in life, it all starts with our thoughts.  The power of our thoughts influence our feelings and our results.  Bad days can happen as a result of our thoughts.  Thinking you are going to have a “bad day” will likely to turnout to be.

Thoughts create a successful day.  How often do you wake up in the morning and say to yourself “today will be a fantastic day.”  Do you consider what will make your day fantastic and what results you are hoping to achieve.  Positive thoughts create good feelings and actions which produce fantastic results.  What is important is the action would have originated from a thought.

How to tackle difficult conversations 

As a Manager there are times when you get involved in difficult conversations and it can be tough to handle them well. This can be difficult because of the message and sometimes it difficult because of the person you need to have the conversation with. Managing people is one of the most challenging aspects of a Manager’s role and difficult conversations that are not managed well can cause tension between the employee and the Manager and can sometimes escalate to grievances.

What’s important is not to shy away from these conversations, whether this be that a member of the team is not performing to the expected levels, or your Manager isn’t providing you with the support you require, whatever the difficult message it helps to plan for the conversation.